"Welcome to Profusion Exotic Cars the latest and most exciting British sports car company to hit the road!"

Profusion Typhoon bookings opened this summer 2013


If you’re looking for a fantastic drive then you have come to the right place! We are immensely proud of our cars that are lovingly hand crafted and designed around you, which we think you will find are the most capable and fun cars in the market.

The Typhoon is the signature car offering from Profusion. It delivers a potent 145bhp from its 2 Litre engine, and with its ultra lightweight body can produce an exhilarating driving experience.

Currently in India Profusion Exotic Cars sell vehicles for non-public road and track use. However we are in the process of road legalising our vehicles for use throughout India.

All the cars we sell are fully UK road legal and have passed the extensive VOSA IVA test along with compliance with Euro4 emissions. These are the same great cars that we sell in India, so it should be just a matter of time before we can offer India road legality also.


Our motorsport ethos runs throughout all that we do, our cars were originally designed with motorsport in mind and then enhanced for the road. With these underpinnings we can offer a comprehensive motorsport package for your car that will make it perform on the race track as well as on the road.

We also offer driver training that can enhance your skills in driving not only for mid engined car such as the Typhoon, but also for high performance sports cars in general.

We are in the process of finalising our offering for motorsport in India and adding to it continually. Please browse the current offering that we are planning and register your interest for any future events.

Profusion are here to create exciting motorsport inspired sports cars, which allow the driver unadulterated enjoyment in its purest form!

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